Invest in Mongolia

is one of the most exciting investment opportunities currently available in the world. With over $10 billion USD already committed for deep mining and infrastructure projects, Mongolia remains the final frontier for investors to benefit from continual and rapid growth.

Mongolia has one of the fastest-growing economies in the world. Due to China’s New Silk Road and Mongolia’s vast mineral wealth, foreign investors consider Mongolia an exciting opportunity.

Whether you are looking to setting up a new business in Mongolia or buying stock/real estate, now is the time! With China buying Mongolia’s resources in abundance, it will increase prices, thereby benefiting you in the medium-to-long term.

Tax Laws

One of the best reasons to invest in this beautiful country is its tax laws. With only a 10% income tax rate, Mongolia has one of the lowest income tax rates across Asia. Moreover, only a 2% stamp duty tax is paid upon sale of the property, and no capital gains tax what so ever, which makes it highly lucrative for investors.

Low Competition

There is no denying, this country has a fast-growing frontier market, which is still relatively undiscovered and unknown to the rest of the world. This ensures there is low competition from other foreign investors, which gives you the freedom to acquire good assets and locations as per your personal preference.

High Returns

Mongolia has one of the most money minting property markets in Asia. With a boom in GDP per capita, disposable income, and real wages of people of Mongolia are drastically creating a demand in the market for luxurious retail and residential spaces across Ulaanbaatar. The property market has been experiencing annual growth rates of 15% and above per year for, on average of approximately the past ten years.


When you invest in Mongolia, you invest in your future. As a property buyer in this fruitful market, you enjoy full access to a market where prices do not fluctuate due to competition. Taxes are low, and strong property rights protect your investment legally.Email here for more information on how you can participate in this potentially fruitful market.