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Ulaanbaatar /MONTSAME/ Business runners of Tomsk Oblast of the Russian Federation held an online meeting with their Mongolian partners.

Representatives of companies including “Sibirskaya kletchatka” food manufacturing company, “Novaya khimiya” curriculum developer, “Biolit” and “Ferment” non-pharmaceutical manufacturers and “Sovremenniye Istochniki
sveta”, LED light and various heat generator producer attended the meeting, which was co-chaired by E.Oyuntegsh,
Executive Director of Business Cooperation Council with the Russian Federation and A.N.Belyayev, Director of “FRB”
Export Promotion Center.

The Business Cooperation Council with the Russian Federation has been organizing meetings of bilateral businesses permanently.

B.Batchimeg Infection control activities of border checkpoint checked Selenge/MONTSAME/. A team headed by D.Nyamkhuu, Director of the National Center of Communicable Diseases (NCCD), worked in Selenge aimag. The team was comprised of WHO Resident Representative Sergey Diorditsa, WHO specialists A.Ariuntuya and E.Erdenechimeg and senior officials and specialists of National Emergency Management Agency, Specialized Inspection Agency, National Police Agency and General Intelligence Agency.

The team saw infection control activities and provided advice at the Altanbulag international auto road port in
Selenge aimag.

Moreover, the staff of the aimag’s emergency management, customs, border specialized inspection, police
departments and Military Unit No.101, who are working on the border checkpoint, were provided with information
on the situation of COVID-19 and recommendations on how to put on and remove personal protective equipment
properly and environmental disinfection.